• Eric Hamel

The Tool Box: An Update for GameSynth

by: Eric Hamel

As a follow-up to the presentation on procedural audio, I wanted to explore the details on last week's major update to the GameSynth sound design tool. One of the most useful new elements Tsugi released is a module for weather creation. It allows for the creation of rain and hail on numerous surfaces, wind sounds from soft breezes to gale forces of a tornado, leaves rustling in trees, and thunder for dark and stormy nights.

The next feature was touched on in the presentation, but Tsugi has also introduced support for linking animation curves and motion capture data to sound generation. In this way if an animation curve is modified in the course of development, GameSynth only needs to recalculate the changes to sync the audio to the new animation. This feature includes compatibility with SpriteStudio, Spine, Autodesk, and Houdini.

New modules are available for patch design including a fire module, various weather modules, and a script module that allows for coding your own custom sound generators in C#. I'm very interested in working with the new script module. If the level of control available to the user increases exponentially with direct access to scripting, I'll be especially excited.

Additionally, Tsugi is now hosting a quickly growing collection of procedural audio patches in their online repository. For all GameSynth users, these patches are free to download, use and modify for projects. As of this posting there are 362 patches available in the repository. And it seems as though they're adding new patches every week. I'm excited to try out some of these new features, create new sounds, and push some audio boundaries.

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